A private collector in New York City has bought a bronze cast by Luke Power.

Saskia Keeley, New York photographer, has recently acquired the work after a haphazard meeting with Luke one warm summery night in Tel Aviv.

“We walked down the beach promenade to the Marina where we had been given a recommendation for a fabulous restaurant, it was there we met Saskia who walked in moments after we arrived and caught our attention with her tall stunning looks and kind smile. She shared the long bench-seat with us. She told us about her interesting artistic community development projects for the UN using photography to heal communities” says Luke.

Saskia explained her current social project in Israel, Through The Eyes of Humanity, where she planned to meet a group of Palestinian and Jewish women on the West Bank, give them all a camera, and ask them to photograph one another.

It is a way to make people look at one another, create understanding and to notice the shared humanity between us. Saskia has written about the project in this e-book, the proceeds go to funding further humanitarian projects.