This 2018 collaboration showcases printed fabric, image designs and hand woven textile grass pieces by Indigenous artists fromĀ  Injalak Arts, inĀ Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land. Working with Sydney textile artist, Melissa Hamlyn, I was able to make a sculptural space that draped the Injalak prints across the bodies of 4 mannequins which were back-lit by 6 giant LED glowing wood cut-out silhouettes. The hanging cut-outs are replicas of images found on the printed material and are localised indigenous baskets used for fishing and food gathering.

Each mannequin has their own style of drappery, the three females have a mixture between short and sassey, long and flowing, mixed with oversized wooden brooches, curls of bunched yarn, adorned with dried raw desert grass from Northern Territory and various desert flowers and bird feathers.

The installation presented a diverse vibrancy of Australian textiles and hand-made, hand -crafted arts. On display for over two months at Mirvac’s Birkenhead Point, Sydney Harbour, this day-time night-time work was a window display like no other.

Thanks to Don Arnold Photography for the collection of images. Injalak Arts for the beautiful contribution and dialogue to make this work possible. Art Pharmacy for commissioning and coordinating the installation, and Melissa Hamlyn for the inspiring drapery.