Opal Aged Care Train Journey. A permanent art installation.

Created: 09 Nov 2019

I had the privilege of collaborating with Opal Aged Care Provider to make a train experience like no other. Interior designer and project manager at Opal, Bradley Sebastiao, built a train carriage interior inside Blacktown's large aged care home, with enough space to seat passengers at two tables and room for bed bound people to be wheeled in and have a view. I've created a video that takes passengers from Sydney's iconic harbourside amusement playground, Luna Park through parts of the CBD to the outer west and into the Blue Mountains. The journey is a digital collage that crosses time, showing historical images with a mixture of Australiana: flowers, animals and a backyard BBQ.

The installation is designed to stimulate memories and conversation. It activates connection, in the mind and between passengers and the staff taking care of them. The room is designed to allow family members to visit, giving grandparents the opportunity to share an experience and share stories with their grandchildren. It's also respite for anyone that wants to just rest, seeing some beautiful imagery and have a cup of tea as the tea trolley goes by.


Created: 01 Aug 2019

Articulate Project Space

An exhibition of large paper works - cut, torn, edited street posters

This artist run space is a large warehouse occupied by five resident artists. The building invites experimentation for artists using spacial dynamics that are not available in regular size studios.

Within this exhibition space I worked with the architectural forms to change the dynamics of my paper creations, using levels throughout the building, the weight of heavy wooden support beams, open space to the roof, skylights, and large spanning walls. Hanging works so they would float throughout the building. The holes cut into these large found posters become peepholes that both mask and reveal structural qualities of their environment.

Rusty Outback: Found objects and photograph collage

Created: 10 Apr 2019

Found objects from a rusty car junk-yard, in the outback, right in the centre of Australia. Car safety and care on unsealed roads are priority for indigenous communities in APY Lands. So many cars are destroyed by the harsh land - pot holes, corregatted roads, stray animals, long hot stretches of road.

I had the privilege of visiting Pipalyatjara in January 2017 for a Youth Initiative the Community was undertaking to support mental health and suicide prevention. They put on a fashion show, it was brilliant fun (and is on YouTube).

The next day I took photos of some rusty objects and collected a few small things.

The outcome are these 3 collage works, representing that time.

Paper Works: Torn Line (street posters transformed)

Created: 10 Apr 2019

This 2019 series stems from a fascination with making line from objects beyond the pen or brush.

Inspired by a retro-exhibition at the 2017 Venice Biennale of the French artist Raymond Hains. His collection of torn posters and the graphic play he developed with prints has been a great influence on my work.

I have begun to explore materiality and language from "torn paper" found on street walls, repurposed and recycled into a new life and function.



Paper Lights

Created: 10 Apr 2019

This mixed media explores form using light and paper. Street posters reshaped into new structures.


. . . . . . . . . .

Paper Series

Created: 10 Apr 2019

This collection of paper works is an exploration of line through random tearing, and layering from pulling apart and assembling.


10 ft paper tear, on wood

. .

The joy of being a pickle

Mirvac Installation

Created: 14 Sep 2018

Luke Power collaborated with local Sydney artist Melissa Hamlyn and Indigenous artists from Injalak Arts, Northern Territory to create a fashion-sculpture-wonderland inspired by Indigenous motifs and woven textiles. The prints were from Injalak Arts, drapery created by Melissa and the design installation was created and coordinated by Luke at Birkenhead Point, Sydney Harbour. LED lights lit the large wooden cut-outs, copied from the Indigenous printed material.

NYC Paper Collage

Created: 18 May 2018

Visiting NYC early 2018, I was inspired by the visuals of the city: the street art, stickers, fashion, fantasy in shop window displays, artists and art galleries.

I visited Jackson Pollock's studio with a friend of mine from the area and saw in his home a Ben Bianchi box, a small collection of memorabilia and curious items. His souvenir boxes are an influence on my collage works.


This series of  paper works comes from posters and the city's green paint, used to block out unwanted poster advertisments on buildings.

APY Lands Series: Car Yard Collage, Kalka (SA)

Created: 31 Jul 2017

Luke Power - Collage

With a recent visit to APY Lands, Central Australia, this collage focuses on materials found in the desert setting. Kalka, South Australia: car dumping ground.

APY Lands Series: Floating Cars

Created: 31 Jul 2017

Luke Power - Collage 2

Project description

With a recent visit to APY Lands, Central Australia, this series of collage focus on vehicle and rust forms found in the desert setting. Kalka, South Australia: car dumping ground.