Cover & Connect is a large installation at the not-for-profit Thread Together. Made under the direction of Luke Power by a team of sewing volunteers, the same volunteers that help clothe thousands of people doing it tough through the charity work of Thread Together.

The patch work art is an installation is 10 x 6 meters and spans across the roof of the Sydney warehouse facility. It is a demonstration of the power of team work, and symbolises the strengths of the charity: to cover people in beautiful clothes with great dignity, to rescue and deliver brand new end-of line fashion stock that would otherwise go to landfill.

Luke Power - Art for Charity
Luke Power - Art for Charity

Thread Together collects over 200,000 items of clothes per annum from fashion houses that over-order stock to meet their market demands. Excess stock usually is written off and sent to land fill; not any more. Thread Together collect and now redistribute clothes to people in need: long term unemployed going for job interviews, women going through major body changes (such as cancer treatment or surgery), women escaping domestic violence, homeless shelters, and so on.

It is the teams of volunteers that help make this all possible. These volunteers from Adelaide’s Thread Together, also participated in the creation of Cover & Connect (Sydney).

Luke Power - Art for Charity
Luke Power - Art for Charity
Luke Ppower - Art for Charity

Adelaide Thread Together sewing club make bags to put clothes into for women in domestic violence shelters, all material taken from some of the incoming stock that has damage.

Here they have worked to create the two large installation pieces.

Installation of Cover & Connect as volunteers from Seafolly help pack newly arrived stock.

Cover & Connect is a permanent work on display for all volunteers and visitors to enjoy at Thread Together.

1/1 Anderson Street. Bankmeadow. NSW 2019.